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about us - McLeod Pacific Investments Pty. Ltd.

About Us - McLeod Pacific

Cameron McLeod is the CEO and Director of Mcleod Pacific Investments. Cameron has been involved in Bitcoin since the Bear Market of January 2018. Thereby Cameron learnt Bitcoin trading during the market decline. Subsequently, Cameron’s conservative approach is reflected in McLeod Pacific Investments. This approach means each trade regardless of size is considered important.

Mcleod Pacific Investments are passionate about the capabilities and rewards of digital currencies. Furthermore, we are excited to offer trading of this dynamic new asset class. Regardless of your trading experience, we treat each trader the same.

We pride ourselves on offering easy to understand trading processes. Also, we utilize friendly, professional customer service. Start your venture into Bitcoin trading at our premises in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast. Alternatively, our team can meet at a location and time on the Gold Coast that best suits you.

Customer Service is our priority

At McLeod Pacific Investments, we place customer satisfaction first. Also, we understand the complicated nature of the cryptocurrency industry. As a result, we explain everything in simple terms. These are teams that anyone can understand regardless of their industry experience. Also, we ensure a thorough, but intuitive process for investments and trading bitcoin. We clearly explain everything, so that you are fully aware of each step of the process.

We strive to deal with any customers regardless of their experience, and available funds. As a result, whether you are a seasoned bitcoin trader, or want to purchase your first bitcoin, we can help. For new traders, we offer a simple and easy to understand solution. Alternatively, for repeat users, we offer a smooth process. Also, you can gain access to advanced trading tools

McLeod Pacific Investments are a registered AUSTRAC Digital Currency Exchange Provider. Reg # 100595585