Do not learn the hard way with Bitcoin!
McLeod Pacific Investments are here to help you navigate through this sometime complex asset class.

Are you new to Bitcoin and want to get some bitcoin training?

Bitcoin training has become a passion for the team at McLeod Pacific Investments.

Realising that a lot of people were trading with us without having any real clue about Bitcoin security, we started offering in person training sessions. Moreover we have now expanded to include training in trading basics and accounts management.

Whether you want to buy Bitcoin, sell Bitcoin, learn to trade in Bitcoin or just learn about Bitcoin wallets, McLeod Pacific Investments will tailor your training to best suit you. We offer group and one on one training at our Gold Coast officers, or we can come to you. 

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Bitcoin Basics

What is Bitcoin? We help our traders better understand the basics around Bitcoin including the principals behind it, why it redefines our understanding of money and what it means to you and your future.

Wallet Security

Understanding Bitcoin wallets and wallet security is a founding principal of holding and trading Bitcoin. We train our traders on best practice protocols and where to avoid pitfalls.

Bank Account Management

If you are looking at trading Bitcoin professionally we can advise on how to structure your banking to make trading easy on you, your accountant and your bank manager!

Bitcoin Training

Below are some of our traders response to our One on One BItcoin training.

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