OTC Bitcoin Trading

Over-The-Counter Bitcoin Trading with McLeod Pacific Investments

OTC Bitcoin trading with McLeod Pacific investments

OTC (Over The Counter) Trading typically describes a Bitcoin trade that happens away from exchanges. We start our OTC trading levels at AUD$25,000 and above. They are normally placed by fund managers, High Net-worth individuals or SMSF. However, we believe the OTC experience should be available to anyone. 

When opening an OTC Bitcoin trade, we work with you through the following steps:

  1. We first verify you or your company’s identity. Ordinarily this involves us sending you a check list of personal and company ID requirements.
  2. After verifying you or your company, we then discuss the proposed trade size with you. Moreover we chat about how the trade execution will take place. Our singular focus is making you aware of each step and being comfortable throughout the trade. 
  3. Upon funds clearing into our account, we advise of the rate and execute the trade immediately. A predetermined rate is indicated so therefore there are no price surprises.
  4. We transfer the Bitcoins to your preferred wallet. 

Our team of Bitcoin traders have vast experience in OTC Bitcoin trading and engage with you throughout the entire process. Furthermore, if you or the key office holder in your organization resides on the Gold Coast, we can meet with in person and be on available throughout the entire process.  In most cases OTC trades can be completed in less than one working day.

If you wish to discuss OTC Bitcoin in more detail, please Contact Us today. We regularly trade at these level and will gladly assist you. 

OTC Bitcoin

Lock in the Price

Once on-boarded and your funds have cleared, the trade price is locked in.

Competitive Rates

McLeod Pacific Investments provide competitive Over-The-Counter rates.

No Brokers Involved

Over-The-Counter trades are discrete and the price is not encumbered with extra third party percentage payments.


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